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Wednesday, 13 April, 2016
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Sleepingdust is excited to present our debut Punjabi music album Peeng. Peeng ensembles ten songs of various genres and emotions, showcasing soulful melodies. Jawahar Bharoli, the key driving force behind this album has given his voice and music to this album. Bharoli has been collaborating with Sleepingdust, giving his music to our Punjabi singles. However we felt he had tremendous potential and had more to offer, which led to this venture.

The album features songs that spotlight Indian culture and heritage in a new and contemporary way. The title track “Peeng”, written by Jogi, strives to capture the sprit and atmosphere of the ‘Teeyan’ festival in which women gather and tie swings to the trees and play games together. Tracks like “Lalkaara” promote a sportsmanship spirit, whilst “Shakk” and “Badal gai teri Aakh” are poignant and soulful tunes. “Husan” and “Gulabi Chunni Waali” are celebratory numbers that will compel you to dance along with the beat. All in all, the collection of songs exhibit a great variety of beats and tunes, and are catchy and memorable.

Sleepingdust hopes that the audience really enjoys this album in this festive season of Baisakhi.

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