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The Company

The start is the most difficult part of any journey—it takes the right conditions, the right season, and a stroke of luck to germinate a seed that will get the ripest fruit. Starting a productions company is no different. Finding the right people for the right jobs—an accomplishment hard to obtain. Another challenge is instilling your beliefs into others and convincing them to work towards that one common goal. This and many more obstacles are challenging, but by no means impossible.

The foundations of Sleepingdust have been long derived since the true beginning of the journey. Perhaps the journey began in the 1980s, when the passion for production and media was fueled by an ordinary desire to do something great. Over the years, whatever the circumstances, this passion has always remained kindled. The time did eventually arrive, when we got the opportunity to turn the dreams into reality. The key though, has always been the same: to shield the fire of passion from the gales of failure—a saying difficult to live by.

Sleepingdust: the remains of your dreams for you to catch.

Our Values

Preventing the talent going into sleep and awaking the sleeping talent - we believe in collaboration & partnership, and trust there is enormous talent who could reach their audience if given a team and a platform. We are the Team and the Platform to them.

Establish an approachable, friendly business model that is, by the talent, to the talent, protect the innocence & creativity of the talent and yet generate shareholder's value.

New approach to mass communication - we are not bounded by any specific medium. Our goal is to reach masses using the appropriate medium.

The Management Team

Deepak GuptaExecutive Producer: Born and brought up in Delhi, Deepak Gupta obtained his degree in Electronics from Delhi University and later moved to Haridwar to conclude his Masters degree in Computer Applications. He began his professional career in IT from Delhi, worked in the USA for a while and then moved on to settle in the UK. Currently working as a Program Manager in IT, Deepak is a highly motivated professional with strong leadership and influencing capabilities. He is an inspirational leader, recognized for bringing together diverse, multicultural groups with clear direction - encouraging teams to explore and achieve their potential. Deepak's childhood passion and desire to produce media projects has driven to his association with the inception of Sleepingdust. His natural skill to identify talent and focus it to the right direction gives Sleepingdust a great opportunity to pull together a team of media enthusiasts and produce unique projects. His constant desire to learn and dream of running a successful organisation motivated him to do a Masters degree in Business Administration from Cranfield School of Management in the UK. Having Deepak as a part of the Management Team at Sleepingdust, we are sure his vast management experience blended with his passion will place Sleepingdust as an established player in the industry.

Pervinder RattuCreative Producer: Pervinder Rattu belongs to Dhesiankhana, a small village situated in Punjab. He was born in Hydrabad in 1969, a year most remembered for the historic moon landing and Amitabh Bachchan's film debut as a voice narrator. Pervinder's father served the army, so at a young age he left his birthplace and moved to various cities, and later settled in Hyderabad, where he completed his studies. His first step into media and productions however, was in 1994, when he was offered a role in a Zee Tv telefilm, 'Na Jalao Aashiaanaa' which was produced in Hyderabad. He still remembers the first movie he watched-'SHOLAY', which led to his obsession for films and sounds. Later in 1996 Pervinder moved to England - the beginning of a new chapter. Working in an Italian restaurant seems like an unusual place to learn new skills, but he found a wealth of knowledge about teamwork, and tips on how to run a successful business. The most crucial aspect for him however, was learning to be unprejudiced towards whatever task he was handed. Later he worked for 'Royal Mail', gaining more skills and experience, and then he got opportunity to work in contact lens manufacturing, where he has occasionally been handed the role of leading and training a globally diverse team. This enabled him to understand the importance of team dynamics and the need for equality within each team member. He believes Sleepingdust is a perfect opportunity to revive his 15 year old "sleeping" dream and enable him to make many other sleeping talents' dreams come true.


What do we offer?